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IMG-20140315-WA0000The hardest thing to tell somebody is to tell about yourself. There are literally so many things to tell that you can’t fathom what to filter and what not. So today, on this blog, I choose to give you unfiltered content on me, my life so far and my journey towards blogging.

It all started on 17th March, 1989. The doctor told my mom she had never seen a healthier baby. Even her dog was happy to see me, as was told by my mom. Anyways, nothing actually happens during the first three years, so fast forward. At the age of three, I was diagnosed with a liver disease that was near fatal. As a result, I was kept on bed rest for full 10 years and my world contained me, my home and my mom. These ten years brought my closeness to mom to epic proportions. I was also able to bring out the reader and writer in me. I started with The Hardy Boys and gradually reached the level of Shakespeare and classics.

By the time I started recovering and was finally able to go to school, I was way ahead of my classmates in knowledge but presentation skills were way below the required level. Also, the stretched lapse of 10 years had also made me anti-social due to which I was branded as an outcast and which brought down the small amount of morale I had left in me. So, for the next 6 years, I studied, as this was the only activity I could do alone. Being in the company of “friends” meant incessant bullying and pranks.

In 2008, after ending the school phase of my life, I went to college. The scars of my school days were still there, and in college also, for the first few months, I was faced with the same behavior. But, comparatively, I had more people actually treating me like a human being than like an animal, and today, even animals have rights.

In the second year, there came a time when I was cut off from all the groups that had formed in the college. I talked to everyone, but I was never close to anyone. Even today, I can’t comprehend whether it was me or my college mates, but something was wrong. But this wrong also proved to be right for me. I turned towards blogging. I wrote like a maniac. It was immature, it was somewhat corny, but it was therapy. I became happier. I became content. And I became somewhat popular.

I made my two best friends in the next two years. Even today, they are my pillars of support after my family. I know I can turn to them whenever I want to and they will gladly take me in, come what may. Today I have the will to live because they proved to be something better than friends; they are my brothers.

Now, after a not so happening two years of my life at my job, I am finally pursuing my MBA from one of the most reputed colleges of India. Today, I am an avid reader, a good enough quality writer and an amateur photographer at the same time. I am happy. Over my life, I have developed a feeling of perseverance that tells me that come what may, I can rise above it all. I may not have achieved things that go down on my CV, but I have surely achieved something very few people are able to achieve. I chose to be happy. I chose to have fun. And that’s what makes me who I am.


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