Proud to the Core

If I am not wrong, each one of us has been through a time when we decided to do something and people laughed at us. Sometimes this laughter is also accompanied by a lewd or sarcastic comment. This behaviour can bring out two attitudes on the receiver’s part. In the first case, the person gives in to the contempt and decides not to pursue further, usually resulting in regrets in the later parts of life. The other scenario, however, involves the person to pursue the activity with renewed passion and come out on top. Once we defeat the general notion of the people around us, it gives us the right to brag about it. And of course, it feels good to see their faces, doesn’t it?

I don’t remember the exact time I became fascinated with extreme sports. I remember watching a documentary in which a man jumps from a plane with a skateboard and performs stunts mid-air. I remember watching another video of a person swimming with the dolphins. As I grew up, I kept coming across more and more videos of people doing various kinds of extreme sports. Today it’s no big deal finding videos on Youtube but I am talking about the time when internet had a very limited reach.

In India, extreme sports is a field not explored enough. People are too engrossed with their career and family to give it a thought, not to mention cricket. Also, doing something that puts you on the edge is severely discouraging. So, it was obvious that I got some really awkward reactions when I put forward my aspirations. I was told to keep dreaming when I mentioned skydiving. I was reminded of my inability to swim on mentioning sea diving. I was also reminded of the lack of strength I have, owing to the fatal illness I recovered from, when I mentioned rock climbing and other sports. I was also outcasted by some for not being a religious follower of cricket and having aspirations for something they felt was impossible for me.

And then, I went to Spain. One by one, I removed all suspicion from the minds of those around me that I couldn’t do anything. I jumped from a plane at 15000 ft in Seville. I dived twice in the sea, and I still don’t know how to swim. I climbed a rock and wakeboarded in the Mediterranean. I did things no one thought I could do.

I don’t need to brag about it. But I want to brag about it. I have done something that gives me a right to brag about it. We all do things that gives us a right to brag about. So brag about it, because you have earned it.


4 thoughts on “Proud to the Core

  1. Hi, sorry I’m not sure how else to contact you.

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    I didn’t want to wait and do nothing and I’m not looking for the perfect best-selling book; I’m just learning as I go and doing what I can now.

    Don’t worry if you don’t have a Kindle, the Kindle Cloud Reader is free and allows you to read Kindle books (I don’t think it’s compatible with Android platforms though). I’m looking at making it available through Google Play and as a pdf too.

    Thank you so much for letting me include your words. I really hope you love the book!!!

    Let me know what you think of it and any ways I could improve it. And if you have the time to leave a review on the Amazon page, that would be awesome. And to keep updated with everything, please like my writer’s Facebook page:

    Look forward to perhaps working with you on a sequel one day – hehe!



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