A Work Day

Work for me, is a challenging adventure, in which we bring about some changes around us, whether small or big, with the help of people we meet along the way. Work is an activity that keeps the mind from getting distracted. Work helps us grow. Work helps us flourish.

I welcome work. I can’t sit idle in the office, in my chair thinking about the world and its elements. I like to be busy. The more I work, the happier and more content I am at the end of the day.

There are people who work well under pressure. Then there are people who work according to a plan. Both these working behaviors are dependent on the deadlines. But what if there are no deadlines? What if the pressure we feel so comfortable working in, or the planning to bring out the perfect results, has to be created by ourselves? How do we proceed then?

For me, the best working behavior is completing the work as fast and accurately as possible, no matter what the deadline. Deadlines make us dependent, prevent us from thinking, because all we can think about is how much time we have to complete the work. When we remove the concept of deadline from the mind, we are able to think more, which brings more ideas, and sometimes give better results. Even if the results of our thoughts are not good enough, at least our mind gets an exercise.

When taking up multiple responsibilities, it’s important to prioritize the work. And one of the most crucial parameters for prioritization is the deadline. But that is the place where the importance of deadlines should come to an end. After this, justice should be given to all the different work activities we have to perform.


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