Gifted and Stranded

Being alone on an island is one of the most common nightmares anyone can think of. The mere absence of society around us makes us shudder and wish it never happens. Many a times we have imagined ourselves in the shoes of Robinson Crusoe or Chuck Noland and have made preparations for the same in our heads. But rarely have us thought about one of our closed ones, a relative, a family member or even a best friend, being stranded. What would happen if such a person is lost from our midst? What would we wish them to have while they are alone? How do we prepare them for survival?

My best friend is a resourceful person. He is always prepared for things that have even the slightest probability of happening, due to which it’s very hard to actually surprise him. So, basically whatever I provide him here for his time on the island, he might already have thought about much better things. Nevertheless, here are the five things I would hand him over:

1. A Book – My presents always start with a book. The book and its contents may vary according to the requirements but it has to be a book. For my friend, I would recommend Tao of Jeet Kune Do by Bruce Lee and Healing After Loss by Martha Whitmore Hickman.

2. A Soccer Ball – Physical training and continuous exercise keeps mind off depression and also builds up confidence, besides being fun. It would help him be busy.

3.  A Swiss Knife – A compact knife that would help him in foraging and also in building a shelter that would be his home until help arrives.

4. Vitamins – Before he starts foraging and killing for food, he would need his energy.

5. Photo Album – A photo album to constantly remind him who all are waiting for him at the other side, to keep the resolution on to come back to us.

So, here it is. Might be on a more serious note, compared to what I have read on other blogs. But then, it’s good to be prepared.


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