A Letter to Illness

Dear Illness,

I have always heard people say that you are such a bad thing. You make people suffer. You cause them pain. You are cruel. And this whole scenario ends with the final question: “Why me?”

Well, I used to think on the same lines when you made me your prey for almost 15 years of my life, 10 years of which I had to spend on a bed, my only contact to the outside world through a window. And the pity people showed when they saw me or came to know about you after my recovery made it worse. I felt like an outcast, like there was a defect in me which made people regard me as something that couldn’t be accepted as normal. But when I think about it today, I have realized how much good you have brought out in me in those 15 years. And seriously, if I look at it today, the good effects really outweigh the bad ones.

So today, through this letter I want to tell the whole world how I feel about you and also thank you for playing a critical part in making me who I am.

You brought me close to my family to an extent that nothing in this world can come between us. You made me stronger. You made me able to deal with pain and bear it with utmost confidence. You gave me the quality of perseverance. You taught me that life is not easy; it’s full of struggles and some really hard to get through, but once you get through them, life doesn’t give you lemons, it throws open an entire candy shop at your feet. You made me confident enough to hold my own. You made me able to live life on my own. You made me independent to a level that I feel liberated rather than scared when I am living alone. You brought me closer to God. You made me realize that life is a series of changes and being stuck at one place because of the people and the comfort around me would take that change away from me and render me aimless and listless. You taught me that there is not a problem in this world that I can’t overcome. You showed me the importance of self preservation and trained me in this field like a perfect mentor. You were the best teacher who could ever teach me the importance of life and how to live it like there is no tomorrow.

Thank you for teaching me to always smile. Thank you for enabling me to accept people as they are. Thank you for enabling me to see the world in a different light. Thank you for everything you have done to make me a better person. Thank you for infusing me with qualities and experiences that make my family proud of me. Thank you.

Yours gratefully,



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