Daily Descent

Descent – Some people see it as the view from a hilltop, some from a cliff while some see it as a road disappearing into the horizon. But one of the most basic descent is down the stairs when we go on our daily routines, whether it be work, school or college.

Seen here is the staircase in my hostel. For the past three months, I have been going up and down these stairs for going to classes, but never gave a thought to the steps until I was faced with this challenge. Now that I think of it, it’s not just walking up and down this staircase. I have also met new people, spent time with friends sitting on these very steps. And I am going to have many more experiences such as these for the next three months I am here.

Life also has two components – Ascent and Descent. While the ascent part is related to the professional and career life, the descent part is more related to the age. Every person in their lives goes through this descent. We have two ways to go through this descent of life. Either we over think about it and let it overcome our life or we accept it as it is and concentrate on the small things that bring us closer to achieving happiness. So what is it going to be? Misery or fun?


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