Alone but not Lonely

Life has a peculiar way of keeping us busy. Whether it’s a city, a countryside or a village, people are always shuffling between this work and that work, surrounded by other people who become a part of our daily ruckus. A time comes when we are so frustrated with everything and everyone around us, that we feel a strong urge to just run away. An extended weekend break comes to our rescue in such a situation.

In India, Diwali is a festival that brings harmony and peace in our lives. The victory of good over evil and its celebrations brings families together; long lost friends reenter our lives and a sense of happiness dwells over the entire country. But this celebration, as any other, contains lots and lots of commotion and noise, which is generally avoided by me. I couldn’t go home to my family due to some unavoidable reasons and last minute change of plans. As a result, I was left alone in my college hostel, all my classmates gone home and not a single soul in sight except the watchmen.

At first, we become intimidated by the idea of being alone, the situation when everyone around us just disappears in a flash. But then, when we find there is no one around us, a sense of freedom washes over us. I could play loud music on my speakers for hours, watch my favorite movies, read novels aloud, roam about in the college with headphones in my ears and was free from compulsion to greet someone I knew, because all those I knew were gone. The only sounds I heard when I was not listening to my music, were the chirping of birds and the rustling of leaves all around me. After a long time, I found myself connecting with nature. I saw squirrels diving from tree to tree in search of I don’t know what. I saw woodpeckers doing their jobs on the bark of trees. I saw a cat carrying her kittens in her mouth. I saw sparrows feeding the chicks, bees making hives and even snakes slithering across the vast green lawn.

These four days of the extended weekend gave me the much required break I needed to escape from the commotion of daily life into the tranquility of nature. Thank you Diwali for bringing the peace and calm in my life, though the way was somewhat different.


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