When we are alone and having a gala time being alone, our mind gets more focused on things around us. This focus is what helps in taking presentable photos. That’s what I have been able to do since yesterday when all three of my roommates went home to celebrate ‘Diwali’ – the festival of lights in India.

The featured pic at the beginning of the post is the photo I took in response to this Weekly Photo Challenge. The scene is simple – a suspension of air bubbles in a bottle of body wash held up against the light.

Every photo speaks something to the photographer. This photo feels like the various people and situations in our life through which we pass as we get older. Some of these people remain with us till the end, while others are meant to stay in our lives for just so long. Similarly, no situation is permanent. They all come and go as and when their time comes. But whatever be the case, we always learn something from them as we move further. We take something with us from every experience we had and the situation just stay, like these bubbles.

So live your life as it is. Don’t worry about tomorrow. Yes, make plans, but don’t fret over their chances of succeeding, because although success brings rewards, failures bring experiences.


One thought on “Bubbles

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