The Terminality

Movies, though fictional, have sometimes a way of connecting themselves to your life. Even in the most haphazard movies, including science fiction, we sometimes find a hint in a scene that connects us to the real life. One of these real life scenarios is suffering from a terminal illness.

A terminal illness, as far as I understand, makes our journey that’s called life, very short. So we are not able to enjoy the various elements that life provides us as normal people do. Add to it the loneliness and you are on a depressing ride all the way.

I don’t know whether the liver disease I was diagnosed with was terminal, although it felt like when the doctor told my parents I had only one week to live. But the miraculous escape from death and getting fully recovered in a span of another 6 years somewhat betrays the whole concept of a terminal disease.

Whatever it may be, the feeling was the same. I was going to die at a very young age, major part of which I had spent on the bed. My parents were my only friends. My mom did everything, sacrificed everything, just to bring a smile on my face and though I smiled for her sake, I always felt the need for a friend my age, a natural human tendency we all have. I remember my mom bringing in random kids from the area to come and play with me but who wants to play with a kid who is lying on the bed, completely devoid of any physical energy?

Going through this phase, I developed a liking for movies that concentrate on this aspect of human life, the illness. I have seen numerous movies having this plot in different genres, mainly romantic, and my favorite movie is ‘A Walk to Remember’. For those who haven’t seen the movie (which I doubt), the movie has a boy named Landon, who falls in love with a girl, Jamie Sullivan, who is suffering from terminal leukemia. The entire movie is about how Landon comes across her list of things-to-do and helps her through it before she leaves this world.

Honestly, I want to be that person in someone’s life. It is not necessary that I fall  in love with them, being a friend will be just fine for me. I just want to remove the loneliness from someone’s life. I want to be there for someone who needs me, because I know how it feels when there isn’t anyone. I want to make people happy, I want to make them feel that life, however short it is, deserves to be lived to the fullest and I want to help them live it.

This post, in response to the Daily Prompt, Fourth Wall, may not exactly fulfill the essence of the challenge, but I felt the need to say this to you. I felt I needed to put this across and let people know.

So if I get to be live my favorite movie, I would like to be Landon Carter in ‘A Walk to Remember’.


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