Divided by Birth, United by Powers

five 6

Disclaimer: This post is not a part of my usual stream of posts, which are largely based on real life experiences by me or the people around me. This is a response to the Genre Blender. And to the Cover Art. So here goes.

The eldest brother stands in the crowd, a sword sheathed in his cloak, looking for people who seem suspicious and pose a danger to the vast multitude of the innocent, who are moving around him. A skilled sword fighter, he is the strategist among all the brothers.

The second brother sits in Starbucks coffee, sipping black coffee, waiting for the cue to strike. 6.5 foot tall, his bulky frame poses a threat to anyone who decides to cross him, and for someone who knows him or his brothers, he acts as a prominent red flag. The element of surprise combined with the skill for speedy destruction acts as his best weapon. He is the ultimate destroyer.

The third brother sits perched at the top of the tallest skyscraper in the area, looking down on the ground with the eyes of a hawk. Two automatic pistols and other guns hidden beneath his cloak, a crossbow, fully loaded, hanging at the back and a set of bow and arrow in his hand. The most skillful archer in the world, he chooses the bow as his most efficient weapon. It’s quiet, it’s stealthy and it’s painless. His instincts help him gauge the dangers and determine his most efficient strike.

The fourth brother stands by his Ford Mustang gazing at the ground. The distress sensor of the car will let him know when it’s time for him to contribute in the defense against whatever his brothers were waiting for. He has the ability and skills to drive anything, sail anything, fly anything. His car provides him uninhibited access to all these functions. Quick in making decisions, he has the ability to see and assess danger from afar.

The youngest one sits in his room, exploring through his dream from last night, looking for hints that might help his brothers in any way. Telepathically connected to the others, he plans to give them the slightest insight into the incident that he has foreseen before its occurrence.

Five brothers, stationed at five different strategic locations. Born in separate families, living at different places around the world, they didn’t know they were bound to each other through a common ‘Sutra’. Only few years back were they told about their origins and their past lives, which had impacted their present.

Now they stand together against one threatening force, under the guidance of Yakshya, who reminded them of their powers and provided them with the weapons and the magical abilities they have today. They stand together to protect and defend humanity from an unknown enemy. They stand together to save the world.


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