Dreams in Reality

Everyone dreams. Some even dream during the day, thinking and imagining themselves to be at a place that is far away from where they are right now. Sometimes, we come across a scene, and object or a person, that feels like a dream come true. What do we do when this happens?

I have come across some of these situations that have felt dreamy enough that I clicked them. Here are some of my clicks with a brief description.

dreamy 1 Working at a secluded place makes us dream our brains out day and night. Something similar happened to me. Goa was a four hour drive from my place. And one of my closest friends lived in Pune. This photo was clicked when we planned a vacation in Goa with our friends. One of the oldest and most popular shacks in Goa, Curlies is situated on Anjuna beach and provides a serene view of the sea and the sunset.

dreamy 2Anjuna beach, on the way to Curlies. One of my friends knew this place that provided excellent coffee and lemonades. I don’t remember the name of the place because this view took everything else out of my mind.

dreamy 3The result of a deja-vu. Just the night before, I dreamed of a series of stairs and the next day, I clicked this while standing waiting for the rain to stop. Today this photo reminds me that there is along way to go before I can relax, a long series of stairs to descend before I can say I have made it.

dreamy 4A dark highway. A car speeding at 140 kmph. Its lights falling on the road ahead, casting a blurry glow in the night. This photo is one of my most prized possessions. My first photo, largely appreciated by a plethora of people around me.

There you have it. Four dreamy photos for four different dreams. For more clicks by me, visit my Instagram account here.


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