The One-Way Journey

The three phases of life – the past, the present and the future, convey different feelings in to the mind. The past contains memories, some that we cherish, some that we regret. The present is the time when we create fresh memories. The future involves the intriguing repercussions of our actions in the present. We live in the present. The past was once accessible but not anymore. The future is yet to come.

But what if we come across a way to revisit our memories or to comprehend what the future holds for us? Yes, it is popularly known as science fiction. In this post, I create my fiction. I visit my past.

A time machine that works only one way. I have the option to choose my past or my future. Future I don’t believe I want to see and spoil. It would actually nullify the sense of adventure that life brings to us everyday. But the past, yes. I would like to visit the past, but an hour ago, I didn’t know where. Now, I know.

As mentioned before, I was diagnosed with a fatal liver disease that rendered me physically weak for 10 years of my life. I was kept on a strict diet that was devoid of fats and proteins. This means no spicy food, no oil, not even milk. I remember craving to go outside and having something for a change. But I also knew that that could be the end of me.

When we are deprived of something, God actually gives us something else to make up for it. After consultation with the doctor, I was finally allowed to have one thing from the outside, an Indian sweet dish known as Rasogullah. I remember my father bringing it home almost thrice a week so that I also could have a chance at the happiness people get from food. The taste of that sweet melting into my mouth along with the Indian bread (roti) was the real sense of heaven I felt during my entire childhood. Today, I revisited the sensation when I ate Rasogullahs with roti in the hostel mess.

If given a time machine, I would like to revisit this part of my life and relive the moment of utmost happiness I got from something that today feels like the simplest thing that can happen in our lives.


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