Joy of Giving in a Metro

Happiness can be found in many occasions of your life. It can be in the smile of a 4 year old kid, in the voice of your mother over the phone or even the serene view from your balcony with a cup of coffee in your hand. But, for me, the greatest joy has come from giving to others. I am not claiming to be a great saint who gives to everyone he comes across. I am not liable for that. But, even the smallest acts of giving gives you a sense of relaxation that yes, you have done something good in your life.

The latest week challenge on The Daily Post, In Transit, has made me write this story that happened just a few days back. I went to meet some of my old friends from a previous college after a long time. After having a good time, we departed, two of us coming back together and one off to someplace else. In the metro, my friend gave me his seat while leaving the train. Being a crowded form of transport, more people were sitting on the berth than allowed. Normally, I don’t mind sitting with such a crowd but that day, I was having a feeling that though I am comfortable, someone on my berth isn’t. I looked at the two men sitting near me. Their expressionless faces showed no signs of a problem. I looked at the other passengers on my berth and wasn’t able to comprehend any such sort off issue.

After a while, suddenly, my eyes fell on the opposite window, where I saw the reflection of an old woman, my grandmother’s age, looking restless and clearly showing signs of discomfort on being sandwiched between so many people. I turned my eyes towards her and she looked at me. Her look said everything. I stood up. The people on the berth relaxed. The lady looked at me and smiled, gratitude showing clearly on her face. I smiled back. The train reached my station and I came out of the train.

As I exited the station to hail an auto, I heard a sound, “Beta…” I turned around and saw the lady standing there. “Thank you…”, she said, smiled and went on her way.

I didn’t know her. She didn’t know me. We are not even going to meet again most probably. But that one moment, in which relief washed over her face when I got up from my seat for her, the expression of gratitude showing on her face so clearly, and the simplest way in which she thanked me, made my day and maybe, just maybe, I was one of the happiest blokes in the world that day.

So people, go out. Have fun. Live your life doing the craziest shit you can imagine. But, along the way, don’t forget to help someone, because when you bring a smile on a face, that’s one achievement that is bigger that all your certificates and accolades.


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