The Judgement Days

Within the five days since my last post, I have been judged by more than 10 people, judgements being both good and bad. Apparently the marketing professor has drilled a hole into our minds as I have been branded as well in the entire class and maybe, in the entire college.

It first happened when a classmate of mine, drunk beyond limit, brought out a grudge on a long lost event. Blaming me of being a show-off, he actually told me that I did wrong in passing a “sarcastic comment” to a girl who is really “close” to him. I never realized my sarcasm could have such a profound sense of effect on people that enabled them to judge me as a show-off.

In an another incident, I have been accused of playing the game of politics within my group which is going to Spain for the next semester. This time, I didn’t even do anything.

There have been many instances such as those penned down above, since the day I set foot in my college. Not necessarily concerning me, but I have heard about so many judgements thrown off in the air like paper airplanes, that I can’t even comprehend what goes on in the minds of people around me.

So what do I do when one of these airplanes makes a crash into my world and creates havoc all around me? Surely, I can’t avoid the crash. But how do I save myself from these comments? How do I recover from the crash of judgements over me?

These are some of the questions that used to plague me back in the day. Even today, many people are plagued by these concerns, the most common being, “What will people say?” followed by “How do I clean this stain over my image?”, etc, etc, etc.

Before going berserk over these concerns, take a break of just one minute and think about this. On whom are you trying to project your image? Is this person or these persons really worth it? Are you seriously even willing to stay in touch with such people who you know are going to judge you no matter what you do to make them happy? And most importantly, are they really someone you want to be your friend? And by friend, go to the old school definition, not the Facebook one.

So again, two options, two choices, two forks in the road. The first fork leads you to the unlimited and unrestrained hardships you face in projecting your image in front of people around you. You can sweat all you want and maybe, something good may come out of it; take the chance if you feel like it. The second fork leads you to flush that image down the toilet and really concentrate on people who are there for you. Your image in front of those people, is what really matters. I am lucky to have a hoard of these people in family as well as friends. I may have missed in the category of love so far, but who knows the future?

Take time from your dreary lives and think about it. How many people are you sure of to be there for you and how many are there who you cannot even dream of being there? The first category of people are waiting for you at the end of the second fork, while the second category waits for you at the first fork. Which one do you take? What do you choose? Misery or fun?


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