The MBA Stage

There are very few people who get their friends from school studying with them in the same college, even if the course is not the same. I got lucky when I came across this discovery of my friend studying with me in my college. But today, something she said has made me wonder about something.

It was a normal conversation where I teased her that she had not been a good friend when she couldn’t even remember about my exams getting over. Her reply was, “Dude, who has the time?”

True to the core, nobody has time today. MBA is a course that makes you grill yourself to the bone to be able to grab an awesome opportunity, which generally means a 7-digit package from a reputed company. And it’s not only in my college. This is the same story everywhere.

What I understand is that these two years of MBA are going to show me a trailer of what’s to come after I get out of here. Imagine if I don’t have time here, how much time will I have when I am working? If I don’t have time to track my friend in the very same college now, will I have time for my family after two years? And if I won’t, then what’s the point?

Time has a bad habit of getting wasted and not utilized for something that should be more important at some point of time. It is important for us to build our career and secure a good job and once secured getting promoted and keep building and building and building, but what about the people who helped us build ourselves into what we are today? What about the people who we met along the way, the ones that brought the element of fun in our lives when we were buried under the burden of academics and career?

Life does not make choices for us. We make choices for our lives. We don’t have time because we choose not to have time. Yes, we don’t have time to meet every single friend we came across throughout our life. But that’s why smartphones, internet and Facebook were given to us right? So that we can make time even for that person who had the smallest influence on us and on our lives. Nothing makes one happier than reliving the life with their friends that they left behind.

So you have a choice. You have the option to change your priorities. You can either choose to be the device you are using to read this and follow orders as they come, or you can try to give a few minutes of your time to real people in your life, who either matter today or mattered to you at some point of your life.

So what is it gonna be? Misery or fun?


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