Hello people,

I started blogging about 5 years ago. My blog posts, which were, in my opinion back then, extremely funny, started appearing somewhat immature and not that funny. Plus it was a mixture of everything, my feelings, my opinions, my this, my that. It started showing as a blog which was all about me. So today, I start afresh, I start new and I start with a blog about you.

A while ago, I was traveling through the Delhi Metro. At a particular station (Sikandarpur, I guess), a large number of people came in the train like a swarm of bees. At my destination, it became a little of a fight to get out of the train. I bumped into a person, tripped, just about saved myself from falling and glared at him while leaving the train. I was angry, I was frustrated, I wanted to punch him in the face. I didn’t have a good look at his face but when does anger need a reason?

A few days ago, I recalled the incident and realized that I did have a good look at his face. In his mid-twenties dressed in a formal attire, the guy had an expression of sadness that made me feel empathy for him. I realized that there can be innumerable woes in his life, as there are in my life. I realized I didn’t actually no anything about him; what he was going through, what he was thinking or what he looked so sad about. Did it feel right to be judgmental towards him in that span pf a few seconds? No, of course not.

This incident and its recollection made me think how quick and prompt we are in judging people around us, how immediately we brand them as good or bad, how we are always prepared to appreciate or criticize them.

This blog is the result of this very thought. I reach out to you to tell me what your opinions are, what you think about the different situations we come across in our lives, what is it that makes us look at life in different ways.

In short I ask you this: Life – Is it misery or is it fun?


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